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Cieta said:
Friday, 20 Sep 2013
Would like to know about your competition grou[ Thank you Cieta
David said:
Saturday, 18 Aug 2012
I have only just come across your web site, but enjoy doing the odd competition - in particular prize cryptic crosswords but others also - and have had one or two very modest wins. The value of any prize won isn't as important as just just the pleasure of winning something out of the blue. I have already found much of interest on your website and look forward to future newsletters.
Suzana said:
Friday, 28 Oct 2011
Hi..proud to me enjoy this programm
Kay said:
Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Looking forward to recoeving the newsletter :)
Christopher said:
Thursday, 7 Apr 2011
I look forward to receiving your monthly newsletter and to start winning some competitions.Here's to a long and prosperous partnership.
Paul said:
Monday, 14 Mar 2011
Excellent site so much detail. Very helpful for a beginner like myself.Thanx
Mohammad said:
Wednesday, 8 Dec 2010
Thanks from your comment
Margaret said:
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010
Very informative site,and up to date information, which is always helpful if one wants to win that special prize.
Fergus said:
Saturday, 24 Jul 2010
Could you keep me up to date on competitions? Thanks.
Elizabeth said:
Sunday, 7 Mar 2010
Looking forward to helping others and getting help from others to allow us to enjoy ourselves primarily but also to win prizes
Roberto said:
Saturday, 29 Aug 2009
I verily enjoyed the article on winning competitions. I am interested in entering some. Can that be done through this website every so often?
Marcia said:
Friday, 13 Mar 2009
Just starting out. Looking forward to becoming a full on 'comper'.
Andrew said:
Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009
Fascinating site.So here I go, eyes wide shut,feet first in at the deep end.Wish me LUCK! Thanks.